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Looking for an inspirational experience to kick-start a new topic? Want to give your pupils something memorable and exciting to write about? Do you struggle to find the time/skills to deliver art amongst an already packed curriculum? We can help with all of these and more!

Visiting working art studios, meeting real artists at work, experiencing exhibitions first-hand and creating original artwork in response, can be incredibly inspiring for pupils and teachers alike. It offers a glimpse into a world of creativity, characters and careers and that pupils may never have known existed. We appreciate that it can be costly, time consuming and stressful to bring pupils out on visits, but we’re here to help you get the most from your visit and make sure it’s remembered for all the right reasons.

Artist Educator School Visits

Most of our sessions can also be run in school, for the same price as a gallery based session. In addition to these, we also offer:

Mural Painting | Banner-making workshops | Theatre Backdrops | Whole-school art projects | Arts week support Celebration days (Multi-faith Week, World Book Day, Big Draw, Christmas activities, etc) | After-school Clubs

Prices for these are available on request.



Experimental Drawing

This workshop includes a range of fast-paced activities that take the fear out of drawing. Pupils are encouraged to loosen up, experiment, have fun and develop new vocabulary, whilst learning new drawing techniques.

They will produce a combination of large-scale, collaborative drawings and individual works, all of which can be taken back to school for display or further development.

Duration: 2 hrs | Numbers: 30 children max | Cost: £165

Observational drawing.jpg

Observational Drawing

Pupils will develop looking and drawing skills, using a range of materials and techniques, to explore perspective, line, tone, scale and form. Choose a focus of either - Drawing Portraits and the Figure or Drawing from Nature.

Duration: 2 hrs | Cost: £165



Learn how to use create a variety of small or large-scale prints, using paper or fabric. We can link the printmaking to a wide range of topics, including African textiles, to Maths, to Portraits.

Choose from a variety of techniques: Safe-print or Foam Print – suitable for KS1-KS2, Monoprinting or Collograph – using metallic boards and collaged textured papers

Duration: 2 hrs | Numbers: 30 children max | Cost: £175


Exploring Colour

Learn about Primary and Secondary colours through fun experiments with paint, pens, pastels or collage. Pupils will explore ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ colours, discover how artists use colour to symbolise emotions and the significance that different colours hold around the world.

Duration: 2 hrs | Numbers: 30 children max | Cost: £175


Pupils will take inspiration from artworks in the gallery to create their own colourful fused fabrics, using natural and dyed merino wool, rolling mats and soap. All works can be taken back to school and used to create fantastic displays.

Duration: 2 hrs | Numbers: 30 children max | Cost: £175

Clay (1).jpg

Clay And Plaster Sculptures Or Bas Relief

Choose from 3 options:

· Create a clay sculpture, learning how to use tools and slip to create animals, figures or abstract sculptures.

· Create a mod-roc, hessian and plaster sculpture, using a metal / newspaper armature.

· Explore positive and negative – make a clay ‘mother’ mould, carve your designs into it and then create a positive bas relief in plaster.

Duration: 2 hrs | Numbers: 30 children max | Cost: £175

Mindful Art, Movement And Yoga

Work with a fully qualified and insured yoga teacher/artist on a range of activities that promote well-being through meditation, movement and mindful art making.

Duration: 2 hrs | Numbers: 30 children max | Cost: £175


Interactive Story Telling - Suitable for Key Stages 1 and 2

Led by Saima Kaur, this session includes stories, writing and practical art activity with lots of opportunities for speaking, listening and questioning.

We can tailor your session to link with your topic. Options may include:

  • The Romans

  • Gods and Goddesses

  • Indian Festivals

  • Myths and Legends

Duration: 2 hours | Numbers: 30 children max | Cost:£165

Primary - Teacher-Led Visits

Free of charge

  • Lead your own visit around the gallery 

  • You are welcome to bring sketchbooks and pencils 

Self-guided visits must be booked in advance on 01422 346900 or e-mail ami@theartworks.org.uk 


Diwali Celebrations - Suitable for Key Stages 1 and 2

Led by Saima Kaur, this interactive session explores the Diwali story and characters, such as the ten-headed demon, Ravan and the Monkey God, Human. Through the use of images, props, discussion and practical art activity, children will learn about historical and contemporary traditions and how Diwali is celebrated around the world.

Duration: 2 hours | Numbers: 30 children max | Cost: £175

The Romans - Suitable for Key Stages 1 and 2

Designed to complement your History / Literacy topics, this session can be tailored to suit your class and may include discussion, writing, story-telling and art activities, that can focus on:

  • Paper mosaics

  • Shield-making (available as a full-day option)

  • Amphitheatre Design

Duration: 2 hours | Numbers: 30 children max | Cost:£165

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Booking Your Visit

If you wish to book an Artist Educator workshop for your group, either in school or in the Artworks gallery, please contact us on 01422 346900, e-mail ami@theartworks.org.uk or please fill in the initial enquiry form below. All visits must be booked in advance.