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Letterpress Poster Workshop with David Armes


This is a collaborative course for a group of 4 friends or colleagues. Together with letterpress artist David Armes (aka Red Plate Press), you will make a small set of unique poster prints.

Learn how letterpress was the main print method for over 500 years, setting metal type by hand and using a simple proofing press to print your words.

The course will show you the basic rules but will also look at contemporary letterpress, improvising with ink and wood type to create colourful backgrounds to your message. 

In advance, you will need to think a little about words and messages. Your poster will have some larger text - this could be the existing name of your company, the name of a fantasy pop group or a short slogan.

You will also need some smaller, explanatory text - maybe that’s your names and birthplaces, or some lines from a favourite poem or song, or it could be a local proverb or a motto.

The price of £130 is per person.

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