Drawing Matters- Call for Entries!

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‘Drawing Matters’ invites children aged from 5-12 to create a postcard-sized piece of artwork that visually communicates something that matters to them. Issues large and small, personal and global will be exhibited in our 1830 gallery over the summer.

Exhibition Open:

15 July – 29 September 2019

12:30-3:00 Monday - Friday

Entry for Drawing Matters
from 2.00

Postcards should be paid for by Friday 5th July.

Finished postcards should be submitted by 8 July. Postcards can be posted or hand delivered to Artworks.

On the back of your postcard please include your order number, name, age, school, the title, materials and any message.

Individual / School:
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Staff will work with an artist to explore weaving and mixed media techniques that interpret the ‘Drawing Matters’ theme and consider how it can be effectively linked to curriculum / topic work.

From £185 for a 1 hour session


Book an Artist Educator to come in to your school and lead a session with pupils to create postcards, using a technique of your choice, that can then be submitted to the exhibition.

From £165 for a 2 hour session


If you are entering at least one class to the 'Drawing Matters' exhibition, you will receive 10% off the cost of an Artist-led session with pupils or staff CPD. 

For more information on any above please contact Ami Hallgarth on ami@theartworks.org.uk or see below for Teacher Information.


‘Drawing Matters’ invites children aged 5-12 to create a postcard-sized piece of artwork that visually communicates something that matters to them. This could be a small or large issue, a personal or global concern and can take the form of a drawing, painting, photograph, collage or 3D work.

DATES - The children’s postcards will be shown in a public exhibition 15 July – 29 Sept 2019, at The Artworks, Halifax.

WHAT DOES IT COST? Each postcard entry costs £2. There will be a range of opportunities available to all entrants, including prizes, funded workshops, art materials and bursaries.

WHEN SHOULD ARTWORK BE SUBMITTED? To guarantee inclusion in the exhibition, postcards should be paid for by Friday 28 June. Finished postcards should be submitted by 8 July.

WHO CAN ENTER? Year 1 – Year 7 pupils

THEME - The theme ‘DRAWING MATTERS’ can be interpreted in many different ways. Sometimes, simply asking the question ‘What matters to you?’ is enough to elicit some intriguing responses, but it’s also a great opportunity to link the project to your local area, home, family, politics, pastimes, likes/dislikes, health and well-being, travel, community...

Prompts you could ask pupils’ to respond to, may include:

- What local issues are important to you? What makes you angry/happy/proud of where you live?

- What message should our politicians be hearing?

- Do you have a message you think the whole world should hear? What would this look like?

- If you were sending a postcard to someone in the past/future, asking them to help look after our planet, what message would you give them and why?

- Consider who your postcard is addressed to. What do you want to tell them?

- What picture / message would you send to someone living in a different country?

HOW DO I FIND TIME FOR THIS IN AN ALREADY PACKED CURRICULUM?! You may choose to use this project as a focus for an after-school art club, with School Councillors, or during topic or citizenship work in class. You could even set it as homework and give children’s families the option to submit their own postcards, if school is unable to fund the project.

Geography: Create a postcard to a child in a different country

History: Create a postcard to someone in the future / past

Citizenship: What message do you want to send to our Politicians / Prime Minister / Royal Family?

Art: Create postcards in the style of your favourite artist, focus on a specific technique...

HOW MANY ENTRIES CAN I SUBMIT? Schools can submit as many entries as they want, from one pupil, to a full class, or the entire school. Each entry costs £2.

WHAT MEDIUM SHOULD I USE? Your artwork can take the form of a drawing, collage, photograph, print, painting, mixed media or textile-based work. Artworks can be 2D or 3D, as long as it fits on an A6 postcard (10.5cm x 14.8cm) You can also write a message on the reverse, if you wish.

HOW DO I SUBMIT AN ENTRY? You should make or buy or make your own A6 postcard (10.5cm x 14.8cm). Draw, paint, collage your picture message on one side. On the reverse, please include: Your message (optional), School name, child’s name, age, Title and materials, Order number.

An order number will be sent to you once you pay for your postcard entry through our website (see above link). Once you have completed your postcards, either post (can post multiple postcards in bulk) or drop off at The Artworks.

WHEN CAN SCHOOL GROUPS VISIT THE EXHIBITION? School groups will be able to book in visits to view the exhibition between 15-19 July and 2-27 September 2019. Pupils can also visit the Gallery with families over the Summer holidays.


ARTIST-LED WORKSHOPS - If you’d like some support around ideas for postcards and art techniques, we are offering artist-led workshops in school up to 1 July. A 2-hour class session costs from £165 and can be run in school around the following areas: Clay, Plaster, Printmaking, Drawing, Painting, Weaving, Mixed Media.

Artist-led workshops in the Gallery, amongst the exhibition, will run between 2-27 September 2019.

STAFF CPD - If you’re thinking of running the ‘Drawing Matter’s postcard project with a few classes, then a staff CPD session might be useful. We can bring an Artist in to school and work with the whole staff team around a specific technique. From £185 for a 1-hour session.

DOUBLE UP FOR DISCOUNTS! - If you are entering at least one class to the competition, you will receive 10% off the cost of an Artist-led session with pupils or staff.

ART SUMMER SCHOOL - Thanks to funding from the Community Foundation for Calderdale, we are able to offer a limited number of funded places for children to attend our 3 day Summer School, that will run at The Artworks, between 10-3pm on 6, 7, 8 and 20, 21 and 22 August 2019. Schools that contribute postcard entries will be contacted to identify suitable pupils to be considered for inclusion in the Summer School.

For more information please contact Ami Hallgarth, Schools Programme Manager on ami@theartworks.org.uk or complete the form below - we look forward to hearing from you!

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