The Artworks presents: 

Creative Spiral 2016: Nature, Art and Maths Exhibition by John Hyatt with Jon Borresen

The Artworks 1830 Gallery presents, ‘From a line to...’ which is a year of exhibitions and activities promoting the importance of drawing and its capacity to transform lives. ‘From a line to…’ will go on to include ‘The Bulging Portfolio of Quentin Blake’, ‘State of Line’ (a group survey show of contemporary drawing) and ‘Drawing a Day’ (an artist led, generative residency and exhibition). The ‘From a line to…’ programme opens on the 23rd of October with John Hyatt’s ‘The Creative Spiral’, an exhibition exploring nature, art and maths through digital print, digital sculpture, video, drawing and painting. 

‘The Creative Spiral’ is the result of artist John Hyatt’s scientific experiments with vibrating sand. Interested in observing phenomena at a human scale without the need for expensive microscopes or telescopes, Hyatt built his own kitchen-sink lab equipment to observe how sand moves in wave forms and spirals when vibrated. From this experimental research Hyatt has made hypotheses about form in the natural world and how it evolves from vibration and feedback loops, continually passing through its own centre. He has tested these theories through further playful, creative experimentation in his art. His Digital 3D Model sculptures are derived from derived geometric principles and mutated in cyberspace to manifest as objects. His paintings are the result of drawing a repeated spiral at different scales millions of times over.

For this new exhibition at The Artworks, Hyatt has worked with mathematician, Jon Borresen to explore the spiral form and we show a creative cornucopia of results from their trans- disciplinary inquiry into the dynamic shape that they term, ‘The Creative Spiral’.

John Hyatt – Brief Biography

John is an artist: painter, digital artist, video artist, photographer, designer, musician, printmaker,author, landscape designer and sculptor. Since 2010, Hyatt has exhibited in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Ireland, Portugal, Japan, the UK and the USA. Best known to music fans as the lead singer/songwriter with legendary Leeds band, The Three Johns, he has a long and varied career with involvement in cultural practices, pedagogy, industry, urban regeneration, and communities.

As a Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University, following 10 years as Head of Fine Art, Hyatt originated and developed the Research Institute, MIRIAD, and as its Director for 15 years he made it the UK’s 5th highest-rated arts research centre. 

In September 2016, John moved to become Professor in Contemporary Art at Liverpool John Moores University’s School of Art and Design where he currently works, appropriately, from the John Lennon Building.

Jon Borresen – Brief Biography

Jon works in the School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University. As a mathematician, Jon Borresen’s interest lies in how complex systems of individual things interact and how our observations on these things can depend on where we stand or through what medium we view them. Through this collaboration with John Hyatt, Jon Borresen, the scientist, has also turned artist and is using his maths expertise to make paintings that explore the illusion of perspective.