Our Artists

At 'The Everybody School of Art' we are fortunate to have emerging and established independent artists, working in a wide range of different areas, from printers to ceramists, within our studios. Please email 'info@theartworks.org.uk' if you would like to get in touch with the artists!

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Studio 2

Phillip Hickin. Painting, Collage and Paper Sculpture

Phillip’s work mainly centralises around mathematical themes.


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Studio 4 

Louis Benoit- Illustrator

Louis is famous for his use of the pen and ink method which allows him the immediacy, chaos and control these tools afford. Throughout his work there is a raw vitality, irreverence, but also a sensitivity that is irresistible to the eye.



Studio 7

Liz Danby - Glass and Ceramics

Originally from Australia, Liz now lives and works in the stunning Yorkshire Pennines where, along with her glass jewellery, she creates glass artworks around the theme of beauty.


Rupert Cooke

Studio 10

Rupert spent ten years in London and thirteen years in Yorkshire as Head of Design for a large communications company. Rupert joined the Artworks in March 2018 as a Printmaker and Graphic Designer. Specialising in lino printing, Rupert has a particular fondness for old architecture, still, reflective canal water and wet West Yorkshire cobbles.

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Studio 12 

Geraldine Calverley - Oil Painting 

Geraldine likes to create her own imagined landscapes through the medium of oil, brusho and acrylics. Recently she has been exploring the processes of print and ceramics and how she can work in these materials carrying the concept of imaginary landscapes through these too. 

Studio 16

Lauren Iredale, Abstract Painter

Lauren's paintings are constructed through process, employing and reconfiguring formal elements of modernism with drawing and improvisation.


Tim McCarthy 

Workshop Studio

Tim has a BA in Exhibition Design and has long been a keen photographer. Both his design background and his love of photography often inform his work, as do fairy tales, music, imaginary robots and anything else he dreams up.  Recently he seems to have found his groove focusing on the slightly mismatched mediums of stained glass and printmaking.

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Studio 2

Lynne Hickin, Oil Painting

Lynne enjoys painting a variety of subjects in oils- portraits of people and animals. In particular she enjoys studying the shapes and characters of hares and horses and how this can be reflected through her work. She also studies flowers and still-lifes.


Studio 5 

Vivienne Bradley - Surface Design and Textiles

Vivienne is a textile artist working with a whole range of applications to combine subtle colours and different surface textures with a touch of the abstract.

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Studio 8 

Jane Pugh - Painter

Jane joined The Artworks in Halifax in 2011 as a means to developing her own work and works mainly in watercolour and oils and is presently exploring textiles as a medium.



Studio 11 

Pauline Scargill - Oil Painter

Pauline initially trained as a dress designer and worked in the fashion industry for seven years. In 2000 she returned to Art College to graduate in Fine Art. Her work is all about the exploration if mark and texture created in an organic way.


Studio 13

William J Gall - Oils and Acrylics

William is a painter who works in mainly oils and acrylics. His current theme that he is working on is Woodland Landscapes and Building Reflections. 


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Sarah O'Boyle

School Studio 10

Sarah graduated from Glasgow School of Art before working in schools for around fifteen years. Her work is focused mainly at woven experimental structures using synthetic and non synthetic fibres and materials. The work that she creates are often inspired by nature and science, and the whole idea of line. 

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Studio 1

Andrew Wild

Andrew works primarily in the field of Painting, producing semi-abstract works that explore the intrinsic material properties of both traditional and non-traditional media. The works he produces are often quiet and reflective, evocative of the weathered and history-worn walls and surfaces of the Calder Valley.


Studio 3

Harriet Lawton, Textiles, Print & Ceramics

Harriet’s practice highlights the beauty of objects and collections, using remediated patterns and motifs to create art pieces and Design objects in textiles, ceramics and paper.


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Studio 6

Louise Reynolds

Louise's practice is centred around painting and ceramics. Her ceramics are hand sculptured. Her detailed sculptural works form representations of natural, living elements emerging from the organic nature of clay. Recently she has been developing her skills in acrylic and oil painting, encouraging her to be drawn to a range of subjects.


Studio 9

Susan Wright - Printmaker

Susan's work is focused on the transformation or discarded and forgotten books into two and three dimensional prints; these become map like, suggesting imaginary places and new narratives.

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Studio 12

Michael Craig Barritt - Painter

Michael's work is simply about 'The Paint', alternating between both oils and enamels to create unique, colourful, contemporary abstract paintings, which are visually powerful and striking to the viewer.


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Studio 15

Moira Benoit - Painter

After graduating from the Glasgow School of Art, Moira followed a varied career in theatre design, graphic design and art education. She now has the time to return to painting, drawing and sculpture.


Harry Greenaway Suite

Helen Roberts - Ceramics

Helen is interested in natural structures, three dimensional form and the intricate details in nature.
Her work includes ceramics, natural print and illustration.


Skye Shadowlight

Workshop Studio

Skye is a modern day storyteller. She is a  recent graduate from Leeds School of Art, Architecture and Design. Skye Shadowlight tells her stories through performance, film and found objects often creating large scale installations. These immersive displays are used to forge connections with the viewer and also to create an understanding about us and where we fit in the world.