Drawing Activities Resource Pack

These activities encourage pupils to have fun with drawing and suggest the idea that everyone can make meaningful marks, without the pressure of having to re-create realistic forms on paper. They promote drawing as a tool for thought and creativity and encourage pupils to think through their hands.

Drawing can help pupils interpret and communicate their feelings and ideas about works of art and the wider world around them. Doodles, collaborative drawing, observational work and mark-making can all help build confidence and help to move away from the common notion that ʻI canʼt drawʼ. Before you visit the gallery or embark on these activities, ask the question ʻdoes a good drawing have to look like something in real life?ʼ Compare responses before and after the gallery trip to see if pupilsʼ perceptions and understanding of drawing have changed.

Pupils are encouraged to engage with, and creatively respond to, works of art and the spaces they inhabit within the gallery. If running the activities in a classroom, gather together some examples of artwork that pupils can use as a starting point for the activities, so that they are able to make links between their own work and that of other artists.

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