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Sunday 21st July

Local artist Kasia Breska brings a new approach to the concept of Home - is it a space, place, community or just a memory?

Combining the old and traditional meanings of ‘Heimat’, with the new associations, she creates an art event that asks a question:

NOT ‘where are you from’, BUT ‘where from do you want to be’?

In this exciting and challenging workshop, the artist reminds you about the important opportunity we all have: we can all choose where our home is and what we identify it with. It does not have to be one place either, it can be a link to many locations, to memories, to people and finally to many different countries.

The workshop will challenge the notion of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’ and look at those words differently.

Using fun and simple creative techniques, the participants will draw a map of their very own Heimat: their own boundaries of home and their diverse locations of belonging.

During the workshop you will: develop story telling through a use of simple drawing techniques (narrative templates prepared by the artist will be available), invent your own map, create a postcard and send it to yourself, use small scale and large scale drawing surfaces, work individually or join in a small group (choice is yours), use various drawing materials.

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