What a lovely way to support creative learning. I’ve worked with many children from challenging backgrounds, financial or otherwise in the past so I really appreciate the impact opportunities like this can have!
— Sarah O'Boyle


Our sponsorship programme brings benefits to those least likely to engage with the arts. Whether for economic, social or health reasons many people are simply unable to access high quality arts provision. Through our relationships with partners in education, health and social care contexts we are able to offer and deliver activities which create valuable opportunities for people to experience and engage with art. Contributors to this programme will have the added benefit of seeing their donation support the talents of emerging and established artists as we design and deliver inspiring creative arts projects.

Together we work to ensure creative talent is discovered, nurtured and allowed to flourish.

We have some suggested donations but welcome tailored or personalised contributions too. If you would like to have a conversation about donating please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Artworks is a groundbreaking independent art school worthy of investment by anyone with passion for the arts and the betterment of society. As a long term supporter, I made a personal donation this year to support staffing and administrative arrangements. This is a critical time for the venture as it seeks to enhance it’s contribution to the arts, local community, education and healthcare.
— Steven Michael OBE