What does The Artworks mean to you?

Artworks is in the process of moving to a charity so we can provide more opportunities for our community to engage with art.

Can you help us by sharing your thoughts, experiences or key words about the work we do?

“I Enrolled on the introduction for printmaking course 2 years ago and have been printing ever since. I also came on the ‘ Fantastic Piece Hall’ printing course and got a lot out of this too in terms of explaining Printing applications.”
— anonymous
“I have been attending The Artworks for several years, during a difficult and confusing time for myself. I have found it to be welcoming and supportive in all the classes. I have attended drawing, ceramics, printmaking and photography.

It provides me with essential structure in an otherwise empty week, gives me social connections in a place of isolation and gives my life some meaning and enjoyment when there is little to be found otherwise. I would have found this period of my life much more difficult were it not for The Artworks. It is a very safe space for someone with vulnerabilities such as myself.

I cannot elaborate, but they are extensive and affect me in many ways, which gives it a unique place in my life.

I appreciate the skills i have learned and the opportunity to develop and explore my creative side that The Artworks allows. The felixiblity of the courses and tuition has allowed me to enjoy being creative, which is something I have not felt since being very young and which is very valuable to me”.
— Anonymous